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Darryl Bellamy Helps The Hill Fight Our Fears

On Friday, January 26, 2024, The Hill School welcomed Darryl Bellamy, motivational speaker and author, to campus as part of the Tom Ruth Speaker Series. Bellamy came to speak to students about his movement, Fearless Inside, where he encouraged them to live with less fear. Bellamy walked onto the stage to upbeat music, free from fear, and ready to talk to our students about how he overcame some of his worries and anxieties.

“I group my fears into two categories: safety versus silent,” Bellamy stated. Safety fears are the ones that are to keep us alive and safe. Silent fears are the ones we rarely speak up about and keep us from being truly happy. The silent fears are what Bellamy was attempting to get students to break free from.

Not long into the presentation, students were asked to write down their fears on a notecard and bring it up to a bowl of “fire” on the stage. This task completed the first step in his fear-fighting process: tracing. Bellamy believes you must write down your fear so that the thought in your mind becomes physical. The next two steps were ‘embrace’ and ‘grace’. You must embrace the fact that you are fearful or nervous while completing the task you are dreading. Looking at our toughest moments with positivity and optimism allows us to overcome fears in the moment. If this fails, give yourself grace. He instilled into Hill students, “you must forgive yourself for making mistakes.”

Students were entranced by his riveting lecture and interactive style of presenting. Bellamy had students telling their stories to the crowd, switching seats, and practicing breathing exercises, all while keeping a smile on their faces. Bellamy allowed students to have fun while talking about the things they fear most. Through this, it inspired everyone to let go of their worry and give themselves grace.

Bellamy ended his presentation with saying, “You’ve already gotten through 100 percent of your bad days.” If students ever needed that reminder, they were given black wristbands to wear during tough times. Although the outsides were completely black, on the inside of the band it read, “I’m fearless inside.” The fears they hold may be inside, but so is their ability to overcome them.