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Eric Khong Named as The Hill School's New Dean of Equity and Inclusion

The Hill School is excited to announce Eric Khong as its new Dean of Equity and Inclusion, beginning in the 2024-2025 school year. He also will serve as an instructor of English and contribute to the co-curricular and residential areas of School life as well.

“We are thrilled to welcome Eric (Mr. Khong) to Hill this summer and look forward to collaborating with him on this vital work within our community,” shared Head of School Kathleen Devaney. “He will join a mobilized team of students and employees who are highly passionate about continued community growth across all areas for equity and belonging.”

In his role as Dean of Equity and Inclusion for The Hill, Mr. Khong will be responsible for oversight and counsel across all areas of community life as they relate to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. He will provide broad and specific leadership in program development and implementation for all community members. Most importantly, he will seek to ensure that all students from all backgrounds feel a genuine sense of belonging at The Hill.

Mr. Khong will replace The Reverend Khristi Adams, who was appointed Executive Director of Community and Belonging for the St. Paul's Schools in Baltimore County, Md. Reverend Adams joined Hill’s faculty in 2018 as the School’s Chaplain and instructor in the Religious Studies and Philosophy Department; she has served as Dean of Spiritual Life and Equity since 2020.

Mr. Khong joins The Hill community with an extensive background as an educator, storyteller, community organizer, and diversity, equity, and inclusion strategist. A child of Indonesian immigrants and refugees, Mr. Khong has dedicated his career to fostering learning communities that bridge people together and empower others to be uplifted by their own stories within their larger communities.

Currently serving as a communications strategist for Active Voice Education, LLC, Mr. Khong also formally consults with independent schools and community organizations around all aspects of their DEI initiatives and helps to identify marketing opportunities for those groups. Prior to his current role, he served for four years as an upper school English teacher and DEI coordinator for The Westminster Schools in Atlanta, Ga. In that role, he expanded longstanding equity and inclusion programs, such as student affinity groups, in-house faculty training initiatives, curriculum support, and equitable student admissions and faculty hiring and retention practices. Mr. Khong also oversaw the implementation of a cross-affinity dialogue and mentorship program that connected students of different ages and identities.

Throughout his career, Mr. Khong has developed formal working relationships with local organizations. This has included curriculum design that centered around civic leadership and innovation. Then, working closely with Westminster’s DEI team and Glenn Institute, he has meaningfully implemented these broader initiatives to foster a community of service leadership.

Outside of his work at Westminster, Mr. Khong has been involved in strategic planning, volunteer work, youth outreach, and civic engagement initiatives for a variety of organizations, such as Advancing Justice Atlanta and the Asian-American Advocacy Fund.

Prior to his work at Active Voice Education and The Westminster Schools, Mr. Khong served as an upper school English teacher at Mill Springs Academy in Alpharetta, Ga., where he was named Teacher of the Year. He also served as the school’s Student Leadership Council advisor, editor-in-chief of the literary magazine, and member of the DEI Leadership Team. He earned his B.S. in English education (2014) from the University of Georgia.