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Hill Raises More Than $1,000 at Skate Against Cancer Event

For 17 years, Hill has hosted the Skate Against Cancer event to raise money for cancer-related foundations and charities. After taking a brief hiatus due to COVID, the event came back stronger than ever on Saturday, January 20, 2024 and raised more than $1,000. The Hill community gathered to ice skate, catch up with friends, and listen to music while supporting a great cause. This year’s impressive event, which was led by Sarah Anthony ’24, also included a competitive hockey game with Hill students defeating a team of faculty 5-4.

Event adviser and Hill Athey Family Master Teacher of English, Courtney Neese ’00 ’27, shared her fondness of the event saying, “Many of the students haven’t skated before, yet they swallow their pride, lace up their skates, and find themselves very humbled by the experience. Watching them join hands with friends and help each other up after a fall is a really special thing to see.”

This year, the profits will be split between the Breast Cancer Awareness Club and Stretch the Ride, a local organization that financially supports families that are suffering from the impact that cancer can have on the stability of normal life. In the past 17 years, more than $20,000 has been raised at Skate Against Cancer events.