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Hill School Counseling Team Recognized by the Caron Foundation

On June 2, 2023, Director of Counseling Lisa Roethling and The Hill School's counseling team were honored at the Caron Foundation’s 21st Annual Greater Philadelphia Community Service Awards Breakfast when they received this year's Terry Muzzy Educational Excellence Award. This special award acknowledges individuals who have devoted themselves selflessly to raising awareness, preventing substance abuse, and offering counseling as a viable alternative to the challenges associated with addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

Hill's counseling team conducted 1,918 counseling sessions this year and reached 49% of the School’s population. Part of this counseling included substance-focused counseling with students and families, as well as prevention efforts through the Eudemonia Health+ curriculum taught by Doug Jones. This education includes the Cannabis IMPACT program for students and parents, and substance-focused awareness events throughout the year. 

Establishing inclusive environments for students to gain knowledge about substance use cultivates a secure atmosphere for them to contemplate the advantages and disadvantages of their consumption, all while acquiring essential abilities and resources to make more informed decisions regarding substances.

Terry Muzzy Educational Excellence Award: This award is named after the late Terry Muzzy, an educator who touched the lives of generations of students and inspired fellow co-workers, school administrators, and parents. In the public and private sectors, educators play a highly significant role in helping young people understand the real consequences of addiction to drugs and alcohol. Educators help recognize, confront, and refer struggling students to appropriate treatment and play a key role in their ongoing recovery. They can profoundly impact self-esteem, self-concept, and personal motivation. By the same token, educational institutions play an extremely important role in assisting students who may have a problem with chemical dependency by guiding them into appropriate treatment.

Hill's counseling team is pictured with Board Chair James Alexandre '75 at the Caron Foundation’s 21st Annual Greater Philadelphia Community Service Awards Breakfast.