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Hill School Students 'Bring Home the Gold' at the 2020 Scholastic Writing Awards
The Hill School Scholastic Writing Awards Winners on Campus

Each year the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards recognizes outstanding works by high school students on a regional and national level. Students earning a gold key on the regional level are automatically considered for national honors. This year was an exceptional one for The Hill School as five students were recognized for their work in the Philadelphia Regional contest earning a total of 28 awards: 15 Gold Keys, 12 Silver Keys, and one Honorable Mention!

Carrie Shang '23 won a Silver Key; Jojo Zhu '22 won two Gold Keys, two Silver Keys, and an Honorable Mention; Sheridan Ameo '22 won nine Gold Keys and three Silver Keys; Rachel Liu '20 won four Gold Keys and five Silver Keys; and Philippe Jin '21 won a Silver Key.  

According to Dr. Mark Pearson '78 P'20, Director of the Humphrey Family Writing Center and Senior Master of English, this is an unprecedented number of Gold Key and Silver Key awards for The Hill School. In the past, the most Gold Keys won by Hill School students was three. 

Gold Key: The very best works submitted to local programs. Gold Key works are automatically considered for national-level recognition.

Sheridan Ameo '22

Personal Essay & Memoir:  "A Very Short Memoir of the Most Unusual Sort"
Poetry:  "This Time, I’ll Show You Who Is The Wolf"
Personal Essay & Memoir:  "Daddy and the Radio"
Flash Fiction:  "Some Children Pray Before Bed"
Poetry:  "The Shoddy Ballad Of Phaeton and Icarus"
Flash Fiction:  "Would You Have Loved Me?"
Flash Fiction:  "I Could Have Been A Genius"
Poetry:  "I Can Be Anyone's Girl (Except For Mine)"
Flash Fiction:  "Free Cats"

Rachel Liu '20

Short Story:  "H is For Hydrogen"
Flash Fiction:  "Moles"
Flash Fiction:  "On Realistic Tension"
Writing Portfolio:  "de-shell"

Jojo Zhu '22

Poetry: "Cheongsam"
Short Story:  "A Note from A Ghost"

Silver Key: Stand-out works submitted to local programs that demonstrate exceptional ability.

Sheridan Ameo '22 

Poetry:  "The Ballad of Antinous"
Short Story:  "Life Is Not A Circle"
Short Story:  "Marble Mirrors Everywhere"

Rachel Liu '20

Short Story:  "A Letter to My Mother"
Poetry:  "Confessions And Other Poems"
Personal Essay & Memoir:  "Ice Cream"
Critical Essay:  "Zhengang Liu and James Gatz - In Pursuit of the American Dream"
Personal Essay & Memoir:  "Culture"

Jojo Zhu '22

Critical Essay:  "Siddhartha"
Critical Essay:  "The Hero Cycle"

Philippe Jin '21

Short Story:  "The Purple Aster"

Carrie Shang '23

Poetry:  "The Essence of Writing"

Honorable Mention: Accomplished works submitted to local programs showing great skill and potential.

Jojo Zhu '22

Poetry:  "Ovals of Wonder"