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Hill School Students Recognized for Their Performances in "Hairspray"

The Hill School’s Ellis Theatre Guild Production of Hairspray received 10 Cappie Award nominations for the 2019-20 academic year. The awards ceremony will take place on Sunday, June 7 at 7 p.m. 

The Cappies is a program that trains theatre and journalism students to be critics by attending high school theatrical productions and writing reviews. At the end of each school year, student critics decide who should be nominated to receive a Cappie Award. The Hill is part of the Greater Philadelphia Region.

Thirty-four critics attended the final performance of Hairspray with one critic writing: “The show was overflowing with energy from the cast and there was never a dull moment on stage. No matter the mood of the scenes, the cast was accurately able to translate it to the audience.” Read more.

Special Effects and/or Technology: Gabriela Espinosa '23 and Tyler Calcagni '21

Costumes: Shivam Sachdeva '20

Choreography: Reva Tharwani '20

Featured Actor in Musical: Luke Gerdeman '22

Dance Ensemble: Corny Collins’ Council

Female Vocalist: Naomi Ude '21

Male Vocalist:  Matthew Saylor (student at Owen J. Roberts High School)

Comic Actor in a Musical: Liam Keenan '20     

Supporting Actress in a Musical: Anna Gvodas '20

Supporting Actor in a Musical: Matthew McCray '20