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Hill School Students Recognized for Work in Writing

Each year the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards recognizes outstanding works by high school students on a regional and national level. Students earning a gold key on the regional level are automatically considered for national honors. This year, seven Hill School students were recognized for their work in the Philadelphia Regional contest. Award-winning works are recognized at three levels: gold key, silver key, and honorable mention.

Gold keys are awarded to “The very best works submitted to local programs. Gold key works are automatically considered for national-level recognition.” Earning a gold key this year from The Hill School are:

Rachel Liu '20 “The Simply-Lived Life: a Transcendental Rejection of Technology” | Critical Essay

Silver keys are awarded for “Standout works submitted to local programs that demonstrate exceptional ability." Hill students earning silver keys this year are:

Rachel Liu '20 “How to Shower After Your Aunt's Funeral” | Flash Fiction

Sheridan Ameo '22  “To Arizona And Back” |Short Story

Gray Pham '19 “Foreign” | Poetry

Honorable mentions are awarded for “Accomplished works submitted to local programs showing great potential and skill.” Hill students earning Honorable mentions in this year’s contest include:

Sheridan Ameo '22 “Another Sort Of Happy Ending” and “The End of the World, Or Something” | Short Story

Gray Pham '19 “Small Talks, Pt 1” | Poetry

Tiantian Fang '19 “So Far, So Close” | Writing Portfolio

Christina Kwon '20  “Hard Choices” | Critical Essay

Mingze Li '20 “Out of the Sea and In Again” | Science Fiction/Fantasy

Quan Pham '19 “Smyk Reaches for the Stars” | Journalism