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Hill Students Attend NNSP Conference in Maryland

On January 25-26, 2024, four Hill School students had the opportunity to participate in the National Network of Schools in Partnership (NNSP) in Annapolis, Md. Led by director of communications and community relations for Hobart’s Run Cathy Skitko P’08 ‘10 students learned about growing community service programs and neighborhood engagement. Students in attendance included Mallory Rohrbaugh ’25, Nicole Kalu ’26, Ayaan Rege ’26, and Jonathan Odike ’25. These students were selected based on suggestions and nomination from faculty members.

Skitko and the students agreed that it was a very positive, successful experience, and they learned a lot about the challenges that schools face in involving students in community service. Hill student Ayaan Rege said, “Attending the Community Impact and Civic Leadership Symposium not only educated me on the core aspects of leadership and civic engagement, but more importantly, how I could make an impact within my own community.” The Hill student representatives believe required service for students would benefit both the students and the School. At the conference, the students ran into Hill Head of School and NNSP Board Member, Kathleen Devaney. Her attendance demonstrates a care for The Hill that Skitko finds gratifying, “I’m thrilled that Head of School Devaney is committed to implementing a more robust service program at Hill! I’ll be working with her to plan the best way to meet this goal.”

A conference such as this one promotes kindness and community, and these students were able to see it first-hand. The Hill is becoming closer and closer to allowing each student to discover a passion for giving back. Skitko says, “This serendipitous discovery is incredibly rewarding and certainly a part of Hill’s desire to create lifelong learners and ‘citizens of the world,’ as we say in our mission.”