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Hill Students Recognized During 2021 Junior Prize Day Ceremony

The Hill School's Junior Prize Day ceremony was held on Thursday, September 24, 2021. Students were recognized for their achievements in academics and the arts for the 2020-21 school year. View a list of the prize winners and the awards they received. During the ceremony, Mr. Chris DeLucia P'13, Herbert B. Finnegan Memorial Chair of World Languages and Senior Master Teacher of World Languages, was introduced as this year's recipient of The Brody Family Fellowship. Please continue reading to learn more about the Special Prize recipients and Mr. DeLucia.

Special Prizes

The Award Presented by the Alumni for the Best General Record is given to a student in each form: Reet Tharwani '24Stefanie Li '23, Olivia Mofus '22, and Andres Arevalo '22

The Head of Form Honors the Student with the Highest GPA in Each Form: Morgan McMahon '24, Jerry Zhu '23, and JoJo Zhu '22

The Medals awarded by The Hill School for the late Oscar Cox in memory of his father Jacob Cox, for the greatest improvement in scholarship at The Hill School: Olivia Cimorelli '23 and Saagar Sharma '22

The Thomas S. Roberts ’53 Prize for Resiliency is awarded to a rising sixth form student who has overcome adversity at the School. This gift is in honor and memory of the late Thomas S. Roberts '53 who overcame significant personal challenges at the School - only to go on to be a success and high achiever in life - personally and professionally. This Prize is intended to honor Mr. Roberts' spirit, heart, and soul: Emily Fairfield '22 

The Bryn Mawr College President's Book Award to a young woman in the fifth form who exhibits a true love of learning and intellectual curiosity about the world around her: JoJo Zhu '22

The Princeton Book Award Presented by the Princeton Club of Philadelphia in recognition of outstanding academic achievement and exemplary community service: Tina Wang

The Prize Presented by The Harvard Club of Philadelphia to a member of the Fifth Form who has shown personal integrity, excellence of scholarship and noteworthy achievement in other areas of school life: William Schaller '22

The Isaac Thomas Prize presented each year to that student whose qualities of optimism, loyalty, and service best represent The Hill’s loving memory of Mr. Isaac Thomas, a member of The Hill School Faculty for many years (1884-1952):  Katharine Moore '22 and  Edward Proffitt '22 

The Bevan B. Alvey '66 P'95 '96 '13 '14 Prize for Character Development in Students. This award was created by his family to honor Mr. Bevan B. Alvey who served the School as an alumnus, parent, and benefactor. The fund supports an annual prize to be awarded to one deserving Hill student who is a rising sixth former. The prize funds a summer experience that focuses on developing the student’s character, values, grit, tenacity, persistence, leadership skills, and competitive spirit. The student’s summer experience may include focused academic, artistic, or religious study; a vigorous athletics experience; an outdoor expeditionary experience; international study; or volunteer work: Camille Beeding '22

The Wesley Family Sixth Form Prize for Democratic Values and Ideals. This prize (new this year) is to be awarded annually to a member of the (rising) Sixth Form who demonstrates by word and deed, through completion of the Fifth Form, the highest commitment to promoting peace, tolerance, inclusivity, diversity, charity, and democratic values and ideals. The timing of the prize's announcement and awarding is to promote such ideals to the entire School student body. Thus, the prize would also be a notable distinction on the recipient student's college application. Reception of the award is not related in any way to race, religion, creed, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or identifiable characteristic of the recipient: Portia Sockel '22

Presentation of The Brody Family Fellowship

During the ceremony, Mr. Chris DeLucia P'13, Herbert B. Finnegan Chair of World Languages and Senior Master Teacher of World Languages, was introduced as this year's recipient of The Brody Family Fellowship, an award established by Daniel M. Brody '69 and his wife, Nancy, parents of Douglas R. Brody '02. This generous fund supports the professional growth of Hill's talented faculty.

Head of School Zack Lehman said the following about Mr. DeLucia when he was honored with The Brody Family Fellowship:

Chinese philosopher Confucius once said, “Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.” I can’t think of anyone who embodies that sentiment more than Mr. Chris DeLucia. Mr. DeLucia’s arrival at The Hill in the fall of 1999 marked the introduction of the study of Chinese into our World Languages curriculum.

Since his arrival at Hill, Mr. DeLucia has built a solid, strong Chinese program, one which many students count among their favorite Hill experiences and one which many schools try to emulate.  He brings his contagious passion for both the language and culture into the classroom every day.  He is equally “all in” when it comes to coaching and mentoring the boys on the cross country and track & field teams and supporting the boys on his floor on the fourth floor of Upper School West.  He frequently can be seen taking care of his own heart, running through and around campus with a friendly smile and kind word.

It is my great pleasure to announce Senior Master Teacher of World Languages and Herbert B. Finnegan Memorial Chair of World Languages Mr. Chris DeLucia as the 2021-22 Brody Fellowship Recipient.

In gratitude for his service to the School, I am pleased to extend the Brody Fellowship to Mr. DeLucia, who plans to embark on a ‘sacred mountain’ pilgrimage of Asia.  He will begin his travels with Mt. Fuji in Japan and visit the ancient cities of Kyoto and Nara.  Mt. Tai in the Northeastern China province of Shandong would be next, followed by Mt. Heng, Hua and/or Lu in North Central China, onto Wudang Mountain in central China, Emei Mountain in Sichuan in western China, and then head out to the Tibetan plateau where his primary goal will be to perform a circumambulation of Mt. Kailash, possibly the most sacred mountain in the world.  He will then make his way back to either central or southeast Asia.  If possible, he will continue west through Greece or southeast to Indonesia or New Zealand. 

Please join me in congratulating Mr. DeLucia on this well-deserved honor.