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Revell Writing Contest Winners Announced

Eleven Hill School students were honored during the annual Alex H. Revell, III '43 Writing Contest awards ceremony, which took place during the virtual Dial Dedication Ceremony on Wednesday, May 20, 2020. The contest honors the late Alex Revell, a longtime instructor of English at The Hill.

The contest includes four categories: poetry, nonfiction, fiction, and podcasts (a new category this year). The Gardner Prize for Nonfiction is named in memory of Bon Gardner '64, former Hill instructor of English; The Marshall Prize in Poetry is named in honor of Ann Marshall, instructor of English emerita; and The Wolff Prize in Fiction is named in honor of Tobias Wolff '64, acclaimed author of the book, Old School, among other short stories and books.

Marshall Prize for Poetry:

First place: “Cora” by Aine Farrel '22
Second place: “Life” by Jenny Li '20
Third place: “The Gears Spinning” by Ella Heft '21

Gardner Prize for Nonfiction:

First place: “‘F’ is for Family and Fun” by Romaisa Khan '20
Second place: “Perhaps Time Will Stop” by Melissa Xu '20
Third place: “I, Audible” by Ben Crispin '20

Wolff Prize for Fiction:

First place: "The One-Armed Boy" by Harliv Singh '23
Second place: "Maisie" by Marah Krick '21
Third place: "On Realistic Tension" by Rachel Liu '20


First place: "News Podcast" by Jessica Shao '20
Second place: "Our Alexithymic World" by Sabrina Messineo '20, Melissa Xu '20, Rachel Liu '20 
Third place: "Quod Erat Demonstandum" by Melissa Xu '20