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The Ellis Theatre Guild to Present "Gypsy" as the 2021 Fall Musical

The Hill School's Ellis Theatre Guild will present Gypsy as the 2021 fall musical. Five performances will be held in the Center For The Arts Theatre on Friday, November 12 through Sunday, November 15.

Often referred to as "one of the greatest American musicals," Gypsy follows "indomitable stage mother Rose, who chases vicarious success and stardom as she pushes her daughters through the vaudeville circuit. When Baby June flees the act to elope, Rose vows to make introverted Louise into a star."

Traditionally, the fall musical has been held in the BAM Black Box Theatre. However, this year the show will be performed on the stage of the Center For The Arts, which will allow for a more intimate setting while complying with physical distancing protocols. The audience will be seated on the stage and will be able to get a glimpse of all the action that happens behind the scenes.

According to Director Chris McGriff, while there are many new students participating in theatre for the first time, the leads in Gypsy are three long-time theatre students who have never been cast in a starring role at The Hill School.

"It's their time to shine!" exclaimed McGriff. "Meena, Andrew, and Holly have been putting in a lot of work behind the scenes to prepare for these roles. I am very excited for them to step out from the shadows and into the spotlight!"


Rose: Meena Ali '23

Louise: Holly Perna '22

Herbie: Andrew Spatarella '22

June: Cordelia Davies '23

Tulsa: Timothy Woodward '24

Tessie Tura: Daniel Schlegel '23 (Herbie understudy)

Mazeppa/Everyman: Luke Gerdeman '23

Electra: Martin Tran '22

Ms. Cratchit/Everywoman: Geordie Ravara '22

Rose Standby: Isabella Moranheras '22


Araiya Casriel '24

Sophie Walsh '24 (Louise understudy)

Emma Herzog '24

Gaby Henao '22

Oluwatofe Akinyanmi '23

Sisi Zhen '24 (June understudy)

Meredith Marks '24

Lizzie Hopper '23

Meg O'Halloran '25

Nimala Sivakumar '23

Heather Marley '23


Nicole Leonardo '25

Fife Akinyanmi '25

Evie Maharan '25

Kelly Grable '23

Lillian Rizek '22

Damiola Kehinde '25

Payton Jobson '24

Xander Hoishik '24

Marshall Welch '24

Austin Dunn '25