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Twenty-Six Hill School Students Recognized at the 2024 Regional Scholastic Writing Awards

Each year the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards recognize outstanding works by high school students on a regional and national level. Students earning a Gold Key on the regional level are automatically considered for national honors. This year, 26 Hill School students were honored for their writing pieces. These students and their awards are listed below.

Diemmy Dang ’24 won a National Gold Medal for her writing portfolio. She was one of only eight students nationwide to win the $12,500 scholarship. She won for her six-piece writing portfolio entitled “Becoming // Unbecoming” that centers around what it means to be an American with a focus on her Vietnamese American identity. For her short story, “To Make an Altar for your Mom,” she was also chosen for an American Voices Award. Diemmy says, “I'm so incredibly grateful that the Scholastic Awards believed strongly enough in me and my work to grant me this honor. So much of who I am can be found in my writing, and it means so much to me that it has been recognized in this way. I'm also grateful to my English teacher, Dr. Pearson, for his constant support.”

Gold Key: The very best works submitted to local programs. Gold Key works are automatically considered for national-level recognition.

Saoirse Harlan ’27Yesterday” (Flash Fiction)

Francisco Halvey ’24 A Dozen Reasons Why I Will Never Work in the Funeral Industry (From a funeral director’s kid)” (Poetry)

Zimo Tian ’25 Watery Love” (Personal Essay & Memoir)

Sahana Jha ’27 – “Radio Waves and Diary Pages” (Poetry)

Evan Luo ’25 – “New Roots in Foreign Soil” (Poetry)

Guangrun Liv ’26 – “A Chinese Boy’s Ramblings about Football, Rock, and Girls” (Personal Essay & Memoir)

Ambrose Cole ’26 – “The Outlaw” (Short Story), “Memories and Bridges” (Short Story)

Diemmy Dang ’24 – “To Make an Altar for Your Mom” (Short Story), “Becoming // Unbecoming” (Writing Portfolio Category)

Yueyi Bao ’25 – “Accepting: Alzheimer’s and Aging” (Personal Essay & Memoir)

Sela Muto ’24 – “I Only Had Three” (Personal Essay & Memoir)

Liam Mpofu ’26 – “Hades’ Story” (Short Story)

Silver Key: Stand-out works submitted to local programs that demonstrate exceptional ability.

Saoirse Harlan ’27 – “Born Girl” (Personal Essay & Memoir)

Qiaochu (Grace) Wang ’25 – “No Turning Back” (Short Story), “Rodney” (Short Story)

Srinidhi Pasumarthy ’26 – “Groundhog Day: An Analysis through a Socratic Point of View” (Critical Essay), “Threads of Truth: A Teen's Symphony of Lies, Laughter, and Legacy” (Personal Essay & Memoir)

Sahana Jha ’27 – “My Kind of Misfit” (Poetry)

Guangrun Liu ’26 – “Cycling to the End” (Personal Essay & Memoir)

Caylie Zigner ’25 – “The Pomegranate” (Poetry)

Ambrose Cole ’26 – “Ice” (Short Story)

Kiern Lim ’25 – “The Art of Soft Launching” (Humor)

Diemmy Dang ’24 – “Grocery Stores and Gamblers” (Short Story)

Ryan Sung ’27 – “Bloodlust: A Metamorphosis” (Short Story)

Yuying Zhang ’26 – “Kill Your Darlings: A How To” (Humor)

Alexandra Lubczenko ’25 – “Feast on us” (Poetry)

Xinyuan Li ’25 – “The Card of Benevolence” (Short Story)

Honorable Mention: Accomplished works submitted to local programs showing great skill and potential.

YoonSeong Choi ’26 – “Inevitable Temptation of Nukes to South Korea” (Critical Essay)

Yijun Lyu ’25 – “A Rose’s Soliloquy” (Poetry)

Srinidhi Pasumarthy ’26 – “To Be Young, Gifted, and a Dream” (Personal Essay & Memoir), “my home” (Personal Essay & Memoir)

Michelle Lawrence ’26 – “To Be Young, Gifted, and Fearless” (Personal Essay & Memoir)

Kiern Lim ’25 – “Historical decision rules Pennsylvania’s school funding system unconstitutional yet no clear direction in sight” (Journalism)

James Gong ’26 – “The Futility of Regret” (Personal Essay & Memoir)

Emerson Leger ’25 – “Running Thoughts” (Personal Essay & Memoir), “With or Without You” (Short Story)

Angela Wu ’27 – “Snow and Farewells” (Personal Essay & Memoir)

Yuying Zhang ’26 – “Fertiliser” (Poetry)

Alexandra Lubczenko ’25 – “Flesh” (Poetry)

Huiqi Zhang ’26 – “One Way Out: the Aching Planet and the Fashion Industry” (Journalism)