About Us

Signature Programs


Engineering and Design at The Hill is a progressive, multi-year program that not only advances students’ engineering knowledge and engineering practices, but also allows them to experience engineering as a multidisciplinary field. Overtime they develop engineering identity and habits of mind, and get to see themselves as someone capable and competent of being an engineer and a designer of the 21st century. Learn more.

H Term

H Term is The Hill School’s distinctive, experiential, and interdisciplinary mini term held between the Thanksgiving and winter holiday breaks. During the two-week H Term students can explore non-traditional courses that offer more opportunities for collaboration and creative learning, as well as off-campus internships and independent study projects. Courses designed by faculty have included Street Photography; Introduction to Women's Studies; Games and Mathematics; Poetry Workshop: Reading, Writing, Building; Intro to Fly Fishing; Life 101; Constitutional Law; Religion and Food; and Up Close and Personal: Connecting with Pottstown Nonprofits and Businesses. H Term complements Hill's rigorous academic experience. Learn more.


Eudemonia (Greek word used by Aristotle to denote happiness, or ‘the worthwhile life') is a well-being program for third, fourth, and sixth form students designed to educate them on how they might capitalize upon their human resources to make the most of their potential. Students learn about topics including empathy, managing conflict, resilience, and judgment. Lessons are grounded in the work of Dr. Martin Seligman (University of Pennsylvania) and based on his PERMA model (positive Emotion, Engagement, Positive Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishments/Achievement.)

Strategic World Languages

The Hill School is one of a few select boarding schools in the United States to offer two full-program critical-need languages (Arabic and Chinese) to its students. A critical-need language is designated in the U.S. as a language currently in very high demand for business and national security fields. Additionally, Hill’s World Languages Department offers two traditional romance languages, French and Spanish, both through the AP level and beyond. Learn more.

Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise

Hill's Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise course is the realized vision of Mike Vaughan, Hill School Class of 1993 and former COO of Venmo. Students gain a fundamental understanding of entrepreneurship and social impact through corporate social responsibility (CSR) by focusing on leadership development, social and cultural intelligence, networking, and public speaking. The course culminates in the practical application of selecting a business idea and creating a full concept-to-development model, then pitching it to a panel of judges. Additionally, alumni representing the various components of entrepreneurship return to campus to share their personal experiences with students. There also are opportunities to get out of the classroom and meet with local business leaders in Pottstown.