About Us

Signature Programs


Engineering at The Hill is a progressive, multi-year program that allows students to explore mechanical, electro-mechanical and control systems and processes in a laboratory setting. RoboCup is the competitive element of The Hill School's Quadrivium Engineering and Design Program. Students who show extreme promise during their classroom development of small-scale rescue robots and/or control processes are invited to be members of Team RoboBlues.

Service Learning

Courtney Neese with student and elderly woman at Manatawny Manor
At The Hill, learning isn’t limited to the walls of the classroom. In Athey Family Master Courtney Neese's English 4 AP Literature class, she includes a service learning component. Students are paired with residents at a local retirement home during the winter term and elementary school students (first and second grade) during the spring term. For two days each week, Hill School students leave the classroom and step into someone else's shoes, building empathy and understanding as they learn about their partners and see life from a different perspective. This fall (2019), Mrs. Neese incorporated another aspect of service by taking her students to prepare and serve meals at a local shelter.  Learn more.

Strategic World Languages

The Hill School is one of a few select boarding schools in the United States to offer two full-program critical-need languages (Arabic and Chinese) to its students. A critical-need language is designated in the U.S. as a language currently in very high demand for business and national security fields. Additionally, Hill’s World Languages Department offers two traditional romance languages, French and Spanish, both through the AP level and beyond. Learn more.

Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise

Launched in fall 2019, the Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise course is the realized vision of Mike Vaughan '93, former COO of Venmo and lifelong entrepreneur. The goal for the course is to educate students about starting a business and entrepreneurship from individuals who have succeeded at doing so, primarily Hill alumni. Alumni representing the various components of entrepreneurship have returned to campus to share their personal experiences with students adding that very important hands-on aspect to simply focusing on theory. Students have also had the opportunity to get out of the classroom and meet with local business leaders in Pottstown. Learn more.

Hobart's Run

Students help clean up the nearby Edgewood Cemetery in Hobart's Run
The Hill School has always been civic-minded and engaged with the greater Pottstown community. At the end of 2015, the School hired its first-ever manager of community and economic development and created Hobart's Run, a collaborative improvement district and neighborhood partnership. The initiative focuses on three primary goals: Creating a clean, safe, and inclusive community; providing incentives for home ownership and home improvements; and generating positive, sustainable commercial and retail development. Learn more

Pottstown Social Innovations Lab

The Pottstown Area Social Innovations Lab (PASIL) is sponsored by Hobart’s Run. Hill School students and Pottstown High School students present their different ideas in a “shark tank-style” way to address various Pottstown issues with hopes of benefitting our community. Projects have included establishing an e-commerce platform focused on benefiting downtown businesses, Hobart’s Run programming, and development of a Borough-business online directory, as well as a transportation needs survey, in addition to other endeavors. Learn more