Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation

Hill's Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise course is the realized vision of Mike Vaughan, Hill School Class of 1993 and former COO of Venmo. Students gain a fundamental understanding of entrepreneurship and social impact through corporate social responsibility (CSR) by focusing on leadership development, social and cultural intelligence, networking, and public speaking. The course culminates in the practical application of selecting a business idea and creating a full concept-to-development model, then pitching it to a panel of judges. Additionally, alumni representing the various components of entrepreneurship return to campus to share their personal experiences with students. There also are opportunities to get out of the classroom and meet with local business leaders in Pottstown.

During the 2023-24 academic year, students in the Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise class collaborated with Hill's engineering department, alumni, and community organizations to create The Espresso Yourself Book Café, located in downtown Pottstown.