Computer Science at The Hill School is sub-divided across different disciplines, according to best fit.

Visual Arts

Introduction to Web Design engages students in web development through a study of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Adobe Dreamweaver. For more information on Introduction to Web Design, please contact Ms. Bo Kim at

Quadrivium Engineering & Design

Introduction to Programming is designed to give students a solid foundation in common script programming elements (programming formats, code structure, data types and data handling) with applications toward mechatronics control. Target language in Introduction to Programming is PicoC.

AP Computer Science includes AP Computer Science Principles (introduces students to the fundamental concepts of computer science and challenges them to explore the global impacts of computing and technology); and AP Computer Science A (a comprehensive study in Java programming emphasizing problem solving with an object-oriented approach, as well as algorithm and data structure development, and basic computer architecture).

Advanced Directions in Computer Science current focus is expanded mechatronics control of our RoboCup Rescue robot through more complex algorithms with PicoC, as well as exploring opportunities to work within ROS. Introduction to GUI based programming with National Instruments LabVIEW is also a possibility.

For more information regarding Intro, AP and Advanced Computer Science offerings, please contact Mr. Timothy Jump, Director of Quadrivium Engineering and Design at

Director of Quadrivium Engineering and Design Timothy Jump works with students in Hill's Engineering Lab.