Team RoboBlues is the competitive element of The Hill School's Quadrivium Engineering & Design program, with an eye on RoboCup (an international robotics competition with multiple leagues addressing different research challenges). Team RoboBlues is currently participating in the  Rapidly Manufactured Robot Challenge (RMRC), a part of the RoboCupRescue Robot League. Follow our RoboCup adventure for past and present years through the links below.

The RMRC promotes the development of low cost, rapidly manufacturable small (30 cm width) robots and robotic components that enable responders to more safely and effectively perform hazardous mission tasks.

Two major issues with current response robots are that they are necessarily a compromise as they must carry out many different missions and they need extensive, unique spare parts inventories and associated logistics.

In a deployment scenario, an RMRC robot will consist of a logistics unit - such as a shipping container - containing an inventory of standard parts: 3D printers, feedstock and a catalog of robot designs and software. When disaster strikes, such as an earthquake or industrial accident, the perfect robot can be produced on the spot by responders using performance data gathered within the standard test methods to make their decision. These robots will be inexpensive, easy to repair, and similar in their control methodology. It is hoped that the best robots from the RMRC may become the prototypes that, along with their developers, feed into a future Open Response Robot Kit.