World Languages

The World Languages Department offers Chinese, French, and Spanish, from beginning to AP levels, and beyond; Arabic also is offered at levels 1 through 5. All courses, regardless of the language, emphasize the four pillars of language (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) and use both intensive classroom instruction and innovative technology to enhance student learning. The Department offers integrated and sequential programming that allows for instructor autonomy and enhances student learning.

Along with acquisition of vocabulary and the fundamentals of grammar, emphasis is placed on development of cultural awareness and global competence. The World Languages Department capitalizes on the presence of international students and faculty to educate Hill students as global citizens.

The Department uses standardized assessments to measure and track students proficiency and progress in order to augment and inform the traditional classroom instruction. All classes - at all levels - make frequent use of technology, taking full advantage of the language lab, wireless internet projector equipment, iPads, and AppleTVs that are available in every classroom. As a member school, students annually have the opportunity to participate in the School Year Abroad programs which allow fifth form students to spend a year in Beijing, China; Viterbo, Italy; Rennes, France; or Zaragoza, Spain. In addition, in most years, trips to countries where students can practice the target language are offered during the spring break.

World Languages Offered at The Hill:

Critical Need Languages:

The Hill School is one of a few select boarding schools in the United States to offer two full-program critical-need languages (Arabic and Chinese) to its students. A critical-need language is designated in the U.S. as a language currently in very high demand for business and national security fields.

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