Strategic World Languages

The Hill School is one of a few select boarding schools in the United States to offer two full-program critical-need languages (Arabic and Chinese) to its students. A critical-need language is designated in the U.S. as a language currently in very high demand for business and national security fields.

Why Learn a Critical-Need Language?

  • Gain the linguistic and cultural skills to be a leader in a diverse, globalized world
  • Open new opportunities in careers ranging from diplomacy to international business
  • Acquire new world views and contribute to intercultural and international relations
  • Attain skills that will distinguish you among college and job applicants
  • Align yourself with scholarships and travel opportunities


At Hill, students have opportunities to formally & informally participate in cross-cultural activities and celebrations without even leaving campus. They can also travel overseas to participate in our SYA program. Headmaster Zack Lehman P'16 '18