College Counseling

Here at Hill, the college search and application process is a vital piece of the educational experience offered to each student. Not only does this process serve as the culmination to all of the academic preparation embraced during one's time at Hill, but, perhaps more importantly, the process also serves as a journey, a journey into an independent adulthood and further academic career for which one's Hill experience provides the bedrock foundation.

At Hill, we in the College Counseling Office are eager and ready to help all students navigate that journey in a way best suited to their individual abilities and talents.

Embracing the School's mission of preparing our students for "college, careers, and life," we structure an exploration of each student's sense of self, interests and talents, ambitions, and long-term aspirations. All of this is undertaken with the intention of directing every student toward making sound choices that are individually focused. We help our students base these decisions upon self-knowledge, careful research, and critical assessment of the personal values inherent in each student's unique situation. Through this approach, the college search process points toward a fascinating journey of discovery and opportunity; the College Counseling staff looks forward to providing our professional experience and advice as our students embark upon that journey and make the transition to a world beyond Hill.

Within this framework, the college counselors are committed to helping each student find the college or university best suited to the student’s aspirations, needs, and abilities. While the college search process begins with the academic and social exploration during third and fourth form years, the most carefully supported preparations occur during fifth and sixth form years.

College Counseling Office Inclusion Statement

The College Counseling Office aims to be a safe space for all students of any race, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religion, or ability. We support and encourage students to share and reflect upon their personal experiences and voice as they explore and plan for life after Hill. Throughout the college process, we guide students to authentically and thoughtfully consider who they are, what they value, and how that impacts their future college and career plans.

As college counselors, we will: 

  • Strive to provide comprehensive and professionally sound advising that addresses the student’s individual needs – academic, social, emotional, and financial. We recognize that this college search journey will be unique for each student; therefore, we will focus on the holistic strengths of each student as we guide their individual path.
  • Focus on the idea of “match” or “fit” in providing advice to students about process and specific educational opportunities. While part of that decision-making journey will incorporate information regarding schools’ selectivity, we want to help students focus on the idea of finding a set of schools where they will be inspired to grow and experience a sense of belonging as a community member, continuing on their path of development and success.
  • The college search is a student-centered, student-driven process and we strive for each individual to take the lead in their process. By supporting each student, we believe they will learn to apply the wide array of skills learned and fostered by The Hill School experience into their future. We will walk the college search journey alongside each student as committed college counseling professionals.
  • Partner with students and families to maintain open lines of communication throughout the college search process while ensuring that the student is at the center of the process.

Contact Us:

Lauren Hoyt
Co-Director of College Counseling

Jodi Robinson
Co-Director of College Counseling

Meghan Toomey
Associate Director of College Counseling

David Page '05
Student Athlete College Recruitment Coordinator and Harry L. Price Coach of Varsity Boys’ Lacrosse

Mike Boyer P'25
College Counselor and Head Football Coach

Larissa Snyder
Athey Family Master of English, College Counselor, and Dorm Head (Upper School West)

Mary Vassallo
College Counseling Administrative Assistant