Athletics recruitment can be both exciting and difficult for prospective athletes. Athletes are best supported by the trifecta of parents/guardians, coaches, and college counselors. Working together ensures the best outcome for every athlete. The Athletics and College Counseling Offices have worked together to provide this timeline for recruited athletes. It is important for you to familiarize yourself with it as well as with the recruiting calendar for your particular sport. More information can be found in Athletics section of our website, and at the NCAA Initial Eligibility Center site. While this timeline is specific to each year of high school, most of these “to-do” items repeat throughout all four years.

Policies and Procedures 

  • If you wish to have an unofficial transcript and/or standardized test scores sent to a coach, please complete the Unofficial Transcript Request form in the College Counseling Office. Please be sure to provide the coach’s email address and contact information.
  • Official information cannot be sent to any college until you have completed the Transcript Release Form found in the College Counseling Office. You must complete one form for each individual school.
  • Ask questions! We are all on the same team!

Recruitment Calendars

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