College Seminar and Special Events

College Seminar is a required once-a-week class in the fall term for fifth formers, taught by the College Counselors. This course covers a range of topics regarding the college process. In this course, students will develop a full understanding of the college process and their role within it. The beginning of the course focuses on outlining the variety of post-secondary opportunities available to students as well as making sure that students understand the basic guidelines, terms, and structure of college admissions. Students are then given time to explore those options in a structured and guided way. Once this groundwork is laid, students can then self-reflect about the ideal collegiate community for them, spend time reviewing their high school accomplishments and set goals for the future. The final step in the course is to develop students’ skills in interviewing, resume development, and college essay writing in order to help them successfully communicate their experiences, perspectives and individual voices to colleges.

Throughout the course, students are learning about and using the various tools and resources available in Naviance. Naviance features educational and data-based resources and students have ample opportunity to gain facility with the program as they will continue using it as they move through the college application process. One of the greatest benefits of College Seminar is that it allows fifth formers to have regular contact with the College Counselors in order to build important and supportive relationships but also gives students opportunities to ask questions that are more tailored to their individual process.

College Counseling Events for Students and Parents

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