Standardized Testing Information

Standardized testing can be an essential part of the college application process, with many colleges and universities requiring at least one form of standardized testing. Students should talk with his or her college counselor about an individualized testing plan prior to registering for any test. As a general guideline, we recommend that students take the SAT or ACT in the winter and/or spring of their fifth form year. Sixth formers will have the opportunity to retest in the summer and fall of sixth form year based on their individual needs.
Click on the links below to learn more about the different standardized tests. You will also find a comprehensive list of all available test dates and testing reminders on this page. 

If you have questions about the logistics of taking standardized tests, please contact Samantha Lopez, assistant testing coordinator, at 267-684-5641 or slopez@thehill.orgFor accommodation questions, please contact our Learning Support Coordinator.

ACT and SAT Test Dates   

2022-23 ACT Test Dates & Registration Deadlines: Please note registration deadlines and score release dates may change at the discretion of the testing companies. There is a 3-8 week window for ACT results.
Test Date

September 9, 2023
Registration Deadline: August 4
Late Registration: August 18

October 28, 2023
Registration Deadline: September 22
Late Registration: October 6
December 9, 2023
Registration Deadline: November 3
Late Registration: November 17
February 10, 2024
Registration Deadline: January 5
Late Registration: January 19
April 13, 2024
Registration Deadline: March 8
Late Registration: March 22
June 8, 2024
Registration Deadline: May 3
Late Registration: May 17
July 13, 2024
Registration Deadline: June 7
Late Registration: June 21
2023-24 SAT Test Dates & Registration Deadlines: Please note registration deadlines and score release dates may change at the discretion of the testing companies.
Test Date
August 26, 2023
Registration Deadline: July 28
Late Registration: August 15
October 7, 2023
Registration Deadline: September 7
Late Registration: September 26
November 4, 2023
Registration Deadline: October 5
Late Registration: October 24
December 2, 2023
Registration Deadline: November 2
Late Registration: November 21
May 4, 2024 (Digital)
Registration Deadline: April 19
Late Registration: April 23

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