College Counseling Timeline

We know the college process can seem daunting and intimidating. To help you better understand what you should be doing when, we've created this timeline for you to refer back to throughout your Hill career.

Registering for Standardized Testing: (SAT, Subject Tests) (ACT) (TOEFL)

If you have questions about which test(s) to take, contact your college counselor. If you have questions about the logistics of taking the test (registering, transportation for boarding students, accommodations, etc.), please contact Jade Johnson, assistant director of college counseling and testing coordinator, at 610-705-1037 or

Family Meetings:

To schedule a family meeting, please contact Mary Vassallo or your individual counselor.

Independent Counselors:

One of the many benefits of attending The Hill is the close support and attention provided to each student; this includes the college counseling process. Be assured there is no reason to work with independent, for-hire advisers, as every student in the college process at Hill receives highly individualized counseling. Most independent counselors/agents are not intrinsically familiar with Hill's curriculum nor our relationship with colleges and may offer advice that simply does not parallel Hill's, thereby putting a student in a potentially conflicting position. Furthermore, most colleges, particularly the highly selective, will not speak to independent counselors/agents about students. Your Hill counselor is the only one who can represent you/your students to colleges. If you are considering hiring an outside agent or application manager, it is imperative that you discuss this directly with your college counselor.

Application Policy:

The individual counseling provided throughout the college process allows students, families, and counselors to partner in formulating a list of colleges that speaks to the interests, achievements, and possibility of acceptance for each student. On average, a responsible process results in the submissions of 8–10 applications; at most, students may submit 12 applications (permission to exceed this number may be granted by a college counselor if there are extenuating circumstances, and a fee may apply). Applying to colleges indiscriminately does not serve a student well. Counselors will work closely with students to develop an appropriate list comprising 2–3 "Reach," 4–6 "Possible," and 2–3 "Likely" schools with the goal of finding a good fit.

Contact Us:

Ellen Deitrich
Director of College Counseling

Mary Vassallo
College Counseling Administrative Assistant

Beth Allain P'18 '23
Assistant Director of College Counseling

Lauren Hoyt
Senior Associate Director of College Counseling

Jade Johnson
Assistant Director of College Counseling and Testing Coordinator

Sean O'Brien P'24 '25
Student-Athlete Recruiting Coordinator

Meghan Toomey
Assistant Director of College Counseling