Young female reading book to small children in classroom

One of the benefits of attending a small K-8 school is the interaction among students of all grade levels. When Alex Stielau ’24 thought about H Term options, she realized she wanted to do something with kids because she missed that aspect of her education at Saint Aloysius Parish School in Pottstown. When she learned the school was open for in-person classes, she decided to reach out to her alma mater and was soon welcomed back.

“I was glad when they told me I could come in to help because I missed seeing the students and the teachers,” remarks Alex.

An internship is a great way for Alex to get out of the house and away from her computer during the remote H Term. She works at St. Als’ two or three days a week for three to four hours each day helping in the school’s Library/Tech Room. Her responsibilities range from labeling and filing new books to reading to the younger students.

“What I found surprising is how the younger kids love books,” shares Alex. “We read to them for the whole period. They are always laughing and making comments about the books.”