Young man sitting at computer with large screen

His passion for videography led to Atticus Short ’24 being recommended to VideoRay LLC, a Pottstown-based company that specializes in underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV’s). When the time came for Hill students to consider H-Term options, Atticus enthusiastically applied for an internship with VideoRay.

Atticus devotes roughly 10 hours per week to his internship. His tasks include providing feedback on web design, doing competitive market analysis, and researching Learning Management Systems (LMS) and other technologies including virtual reality. Atticus’ investigation of LMS products helps inform VideoRay’s decisions about what to consider implementing to support its educational programs.

According to VideoRay's VP Product Management Tom Glebas, Atticus’ “teenage eye” has been invaluable in helping the company evaluate its educational resources.

“One of the main things we want to have Atticus down is review and compare and evaluate our educational resources – documentation and training products – from the perspective of someone in the ‘social media generation,’ to see how appealing our materials are,” Glebas said.

Prior to his internship with VideoRay, Atticus had little familiarity with the ROV industry, and the opportunity to learn more about it was appealing to him, as was the chance to utilize a skillset he is passionate about in video work. 

“One of the best things about this experience is the ability to do work I enjoy and have those things be helpful to others,” Atticus remarks.  “I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the extent to which I have been helpful to the company.  And, a lot of the digital work I do, especially with Adobe products, is something I can see potentially being a part of my career.”

When his internship concludes, Atticus hopes to have improved his technological abilities while supporting a Pottstown-based business.