Young man wearing HILL sweatshirt with father at tree farm

“I’ve always enjoyed working for my father and learning from him, as he learned from my grandfather.”

For Pierce Hart ’23, the summer months and school vacations are spent working alongside his father, Richard, at his construction company, MKPH Holding LLC.  Continuing to build upon the skills he’s previously gained appealed to Pierce when he learned that he could pursue an independent project for Hill’s H-Term.

“Since I was younger, I would always be at the worksites watching or helping, which has brought me and my father closer, especially these past few years,” Pierce explained. “I decided to do this for my H Term project because it’s what I always do when I go home. I’ve always enjoyed working alongside my father, learning some of the trades so when I became old enough, I will be able to work with his subcontractors and know what to do.”

His daily tasks covered a multitude of responsibilities around the job site, such as ensuring the proper materials are present, organizing and testing the functionality of tools before subcontractors arrive, measuring and marking lumber, working with wires and outlets, and checking the workplace cleanliness.  Pierce has learned how to read blueprints, which has helped him become more independent on the job. Projects Pierce has assisted with include building several houses; constructing a three-car garage; and outdoor projects including the construction of pergolas, retaining walls, and an outdoor kitchen.

He has earned the trust to work independently of his father, which Pierce admits put pressure on him to do everything correctly and minimize mistakes in a precise, detail-oriented industry. Pierce views determining where to begin a project as the biggest challenge of construction.   

“Since my father does all types of construction, there are many ways to start a project, many of which can be wrong,” he said. “For example, with framing, do you start cutting wood to lengths, or do you square the space out first? Another example would be tilling, if I were to center the tile in the middle of the area would that work, or will I then have different spacings on each side?”

Ultimately, each project is another chance for Pierce to work alongside his father, an experience he will always cherish.