Photo taken at a pre-COVID-19 Hill event

Close friends MoniYah Person-Henderson ‘23 and Jheanelle Robinson ’23 share a common goal of having successful careers, as well as the ambition to not sit back and wait for that to happen when they are adults. Last fall, they got a head start on their future when they created a business selling specialty bundle boxes that feature items hand-picked by MoniYah and Jheanelle. Their business picked back up during Hill’s H Term while they also each pursued individual projects.

Both residents of Pottstown, MoniYah and Jheanelle met when they were new third form students at Hill in the fall of 2019. It was a year later that they decided to try something new and embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure together.

They named their business You Know The Vibes (YKTV), which comes from a popular slang term. MoniYah said they chose this name because the items they include in their bundle boxes “make your space feel vibey!”

“We ended up coming up with small packages with an assortment of item that were mostly geared to our age group but can still be used by people of all ages,” explains Jheanelle. Their bundle boxes feature items like LED string lights, chocolate, picture collages, and more.

Once established, these entrepreneurial young women worked together to create a website, an Etsy shop, and a brand presence on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. They had success with their first box when they launched in November, while on winter break from Hill.

H Term afforded them a new opportunity to focus more time on their business together and try something new. For the month of February, they produced their first theme box in celebration of Black History Month and Valentine’s Day, which included hot chocolate and chocolate candies in addition to items they include in their traditional bundle boxes.

MoniYah and Jheanelle are learning along the way what it takes to manage a business. Their parents were supportive in helping them get on their feet with purchasing the items for their first boxes. Since then, they’ve learned how to manage their money better and determine what items to include in boxes based on what sold well and how much money they have from their previous sales. While most of their customers have been family members and friends, they are now figuring out new ways to get their product in front of more people to enjoy.

While MoniYah and Jheanelle weren’t busy packing boxes to be shipped or collaborating on future ideas, these entrepreneurial young women were busy pursuing other H Term projects.

Jheanelle participated in a medical internship at Synergize Direct Primary Care in Lansdowne, Pa. During the eight-hour shift that she worked each week, she had the opportunity to observe in-person and virtual appointments with patients, as well as listen in on college webinar zoom sessions with pre-med students.

“This internship allowed me to figure out if I was still interested in pursuing a career in the medical field, and I definitely am,” remarked Jheanelle. 

MoniYah originally had enrolled in Harvard’s CS50 computer science course but found it difficult without formal teacher support. She has a strong interest in political science, so she shifted gears and transferred to a political science course, which she felt was a better fit for her. She also was well-prepared for the course thanks to her experience at Hill.

“Hill has prepared me for college-level courses; in fact, I expected the Harvard course to be harder than it was,” remarks MoniYah. “I also had a lot of support from my Hill teachers and friends.”

MoniYah and Jheanelle recognize the time and effort it takes to run a successful business, which is why they plan to put YKTV on hold once Hill’s spring term begins in early March and focus on their studies. However, they will back in June with fresh ideas and new bundle boxes.

The girls were featured on a local YouTube show about entrepreneurship. Watch here.