Young woman with blond hair in softball catcher's uniform

What to do during H-Term?  This is a question Isabelle DiCampello ’24 spent ample time considering as Hill’s fall term drew to a close.  One option was to take one of the H-Term courses offered by the school; a second option was to pursue an internship.  More interested in an internship, DiCampello turned to her favorite sport, softball, for the solution.  She contacted Janetta (Jet) Burris, owner of Jet’s Softball Academy, and proposed her internship idea.

“Doing an internship seemed like the better option for me because I like hands-on learning,” DiCampello explained.  “Doing our winter coursework for my regular classes and doing an online H-Term course was too much screen time for my liking.  I am so happy that the option for an internship was available!”

Jet’s Softball Academy is a locally based training center where DiCampello has practiced for many of the eight years in which she has played softball.  A catcher, DiCampello’s main responsibilities are to catch for pitchers who come to the academy without a catcher, and to assist coaches on an as-needed basis.

Combining school, softball, and work experience has been the more enjoyable part of the internship for DiCampello.  The part that has most surprised her is seeing how much work goes into running a business, which has driven home for DiCampello the importance of everyone contributing to the effort for things to run smoothly.  She hopes to complete the internship having received work experience for the real world while helping Burris as much as possible.