Athey Family Master of the Arts and Oaklawn Tuttle Director of Vocal Music Yoon Soo Lim P’17 ’18 has always been interested in how music was used in social movements. Which is why she was excited when she discovered an online course from Yale University titled “Music and Social Action.”

However, while she found the course interesting, it was not all that she had expected. This experience is what led to create and teach her own class – Music and Social Change – during Hill’s H Term.

“The course [at Yale] was very interesting, but the content dealt with theories/philosophies, expression, and experience of one’s work rather than studying issues of social movements and the music that supported the cause,” said Lim.

When the opportunity came to think about an H Term course, Lim was very excited to think about Music and Social Change for Hill students, but in a way that was different from the course she had taken.

“We explored who we are, how we got here (history), and how we want our future to look like through the lens of history and music," Lim remarked. "At the end of the five weeks, we had a clearer lens through which to see ourselves and commit to ideas and ways that empower us be agents of change.”

The final project for each student was to create a learning outcome through a presentation. Students created slideshows, playlists, and podcasts to share how they have learned through the class and how they will take action moving forward.

Bella Rostrom '22 recognized that she could better support a movement she believes in by taking action. 

“These lessons taught me about perspective," Bella remarked. "I really appreciated this course, along with the movies, songs, activities, conversations, and analyses we shared together.​”