When he was in third grade, Will Lesko ’22 began attending lacrosse skills clinics at NXT Lacrosse, which is based in Conshohocken, Pa.  As he grew older and became a more experienced lacrosse player, Lesko joined the NXT club organization, and has continued to train at the facility throughout the year. 

In planning for H-Term, Hill students were given the option to pursue an independent project, internship or job in lieu of taking an H-Term course.  After considering all options, Lesko was most interested in pursuing an internship with NXT.  He approached NXT President Peter Lawrence and arranged an internship opportunity for the winter. 

“My mom gave me the idea of asking to intern at NXT since I was already planning to play lacrosse there this winter,” Lesko explained.  “I liked the idea of being able to get out of the house, so I spoke to the company’s President and he approved my internship.”

Lesko has undertaken a variety of experiences during his internship.  He typically coaches two practices of players in young age groups each week, and during the day he spends time editing the NXT website, learning about and helping to coordinate recruiting events NXT runs across the country, and he interacts with the marketing team to learn about marketing and to provide his perspective as a teenager about how to effectively market to the teenage demographic on social media.  Additionally, he works with Next Level Video, a partner of NXT. 

As is the case with many other companies during the pandemic, NXT employees are not all in the office consistently, something Lesko has found to be a challenge.  He considers his internship to be a largely enjoyable experience, though, especially learning from the company’s leaders.

“I have mostly enjoyed talking with the men and women who built this company and learning why they have such a passion for what they do and why they want to create a multi-faceted lacrosse company that focuses on quality over quantity when it comes to player and coach experience,” Lesko said.

When his internship concludes, Lesko hopes to have gained experience in a corporate setting, to better understand what goes into running a successful company, and what the future of lacrosse might look like.