In the spring of 2019, Associate Headmaster Len Miller announced the names of the eight members of The Hill School faculty who are being promoted as part of ASPIRE, Hill's tiered compensation program. We asked them some "out of the box" questions to help introduce you to the men and women who teach, coach, mentor, and inspire our students on a daily basis. Click on a photo below to learn more about these dedicated educators.

"I started my teaching career at an English school in Taipai, Taiwan." 

- Christopher DeLucia P'13
  Senior Master of World Languages

"If I would teach a class outside my department it would be Geometry."

- Mark Pearson, Ph.D. '78 P'20
  Senior Master of English

"Currently on my nightstand is Don Winslow’s The Border and Jim Long’s copy of Cormac McCarthy’s All the Pretty Horses."

- William Yinger '95
  Senior Master of Science

"Ask me about Harvard's Case Method Project."

- Daniel McMains '98
  Athey Family Master of History and        Social Sciences

"Ask me about returning to school at the age of 46 to earn my MFA."

- Diane Richards P'21
  Athey Family Master of the Arts

"Did you know Pope Francis tweets in Latin?"

- Edward Turner
  Athey Family Master of Classics

"My favorite teaching moment is projectile motion with a potato cannon out on the Far Fields."

- Will Scully
  Instructor of Science and      Mathematics


"My favorite place on campus is the Wells-Davidson Soccer Pitch."

- Laura Wann
  Instructor of World Languages

The Hill School's Tiered Faculty System:

20+ Years of Teaching Experience
10+ Years at The Hill
Master's Degree

12+ Years of Teaching Experience
Master's Degree

3+ Years of Teaching Experience

Up to 3 Years of Teaching Experience
Bachelor's Degree