Endowed Chairs

Established and funded by Hill School alumni and friends, endowed chairs recognize excellence in teaching or coaching. 

Albert Whitaker Master of Latin  |  Steve Ciraolo

Carl W. Knobloch '18 Instructor of Economics  |  Ari Baum

Charles C. Watson Distinguished Chair in History   Chris Chirieleison '85

David H. Mercer Coach of Varsity Girls' Lacrosse  | Marcela Gaitán

Director of the CFTA  |  Chris McGriff 

Dr. John W. Riegel Chair of Religious Studies  |  The Rev. Khristi Adams

Dr. William K. Runyeon '42 Instructor of Religious Studies and Philosophy  |  The Rev. Anne Confer Martens '02

Edward C. Congdon '04 Senior Master of English  | Ned Ide P'09 '13

Edward Tuck Hall Distinguished Chair in English  |  Courtney Neese '00

Elizabeth B. Blossom Chair of Humanities   Dr. Kathryn Malone

Firestone Endowment Chaplain  |  The Rev. Khristi Adams

Frank E. Richardson '20 Coach of Varsity Boys' Track   William Yinger '95

George W. Perkins '13 Memorial Instructor of History  Shannon Swoyer '05

George D. Senter Endowed Chair in Mathematics   Jennifer Kokoska

Harry L. Price Coach of Varsity Boys' Lacrosse   Chris Chirieleison '85 and Ned Ide P'09 '13

Herbert B. Finnegan Memorial Chair in World Languages   Yassine Benzinane P'21

High Meadows Foundation Chair of Sustainability   Brett Dioguardi

Isaac Thomas Chair of Classics  |  Dr. Patrick Lake P'24

McNally Chair of History  |  Dan McMains '98

Oaklawn-Tuttle Director of Vocal Music  |  Yoon Soo Lim P'17 '18

Philip Rogers Mallory '04 Senior Master of Science  |  Mark Nelson

Standish F. Medina, Jr. '58 Coach of Varsity Girls' Track  |   Dr. Patrick Lake P'24

Warner Associate Chaplain |  The Rev. Anne Confer Martens '02

Wilbur C. Riley Director of Athletics and Physical Education  |  Seth Eilberg P'22 '23