Financial Aid FAQs

How is financial aid awarded?

The Hill School’s Financial Aid Committee grants awards to families based on a number of factors.  First and foremost we aim to determine a family's demonstrated financial need by analyzing the information submitted on their Clarity application.  But then we must also account for a number of important factors such as yearly enrollment goals as set by our Board of Trustees, the overall number of financial applications we receive, and the resources allocated for financial aid, just to highlight a few.   according to their level of demonstrated financial need, as determined by Clarity.  Financial aid awards are conveyed by The Hill School in the form of grants, therefore carrying no expectation of repayment.

How do I apply for financial assistance?

Parents/guardians must visit Clarity to submit their application and then also submit/upload any other required documentation.

When is the financial aid application due?

Applications for all families are due no later than January 15, 2024. Note: If you will be unable to meet this deadline, or if you are entering our process late, please contact Chris Bala at to discuss the availability of funds and possible next steps.

Do all families who apply for financial aid end up receiving an award?

No.  When our Committee determines that a family does not possess the necessary level of financial need to be awarded, we will inform them that they do not qualify.  This notification occurs at the same time as we issue awards (March 10 for new families; March 1 for returning).

Will award amounts change now that The Hill School is using Clarity for the financial aid application process?

Clarity utilizes a very similar process to collect information as our prior application platform.  The Hill School's Financial Aid Committee will utilize this information similarly as we have in the past, so it is our goal that families can expect similar outcomes from our process.  

Are families automatically awarded financial aid during their entire time at Hill?

No. Families are required to submit financial paperwork EACH year they have a child (or children) enrolled at The Hill School. However The Hill School is committed to supporting our families (who qualify) for their entire time at Hill, but they will reevaluate the demonstrated need of every family each year. 

If a family receives financial aid, should they expect that award to stay the same for the same each year their child is enrolled?

As stated above, The Hill School is committed to supporting our families for their entire time at Hill.  That said, our tuition will increase each year, and The Hill School is not in a position to completely absorb that increase for each student.  If a family's circumstances remain generally the same, then they can also expect their award to remain generally the same, but both their award and their resulting tuition commitment are likely to both increase. 

Who should submit a financial aid application if parents are separated or divorced? 

The Hill School’s Financial Aid Committee requires each biological parent (and his/her new spouse, if applicable) to submit/upload a financial aid application through Clarity, regardless of who is the custodial parent.  If court ordered paperwork mandates differently, or your circumstances require additional explanation, please contact Chris Bala at 

Does Hill offer any academic, athletic, or merit scholarships?

No. All financial assistance awarded by The Hill School’s Financial Aid Committee is based on a family's demonstrated need as determined by the information contained in their financial aid application.

Is financial aid available for international students?

International applicants are welcome to apply for financial aid.  Due to the nature of our process and our reliance on US tax documentation to help in determining demonstrated need, please be aware that The Hill does not typically award financial aid to international students.  

When will we be informed of our financial aid award?

Notification of financial aid awards for new/prospective students will be included in the same online portal as our admission notification on March 10, 2024. Returning/currently enrolled families will receive their online re-enrollment contract on March 1, 2024.

Does The Hill School offer payment plan options to pay the balance of tuition owed?

Yes. The Hill School offers monthly payment plans. Please contact Dawn Norman in the Business Office at to learn more.

Questions About Financial Aid? Please Contact:

Chris Bala '97 P'25 '27
Director of Financial Aid and Senior Associate Director of Admission
610-326-1000, ext. 7165