Hobart's Run Scholarship Fund

The Hobart’s Run Scholarship Fund provides substantial student aid to a student from the immediate Pottstown area who wishes to attend The Hill, with preference given to a student interested in completing a postgraduate (PG) year.

The Fund’s generous donors, who wish to remain anonymous, have stated that the ideal Hobart’s Run Scholar will demonstrate interest and participation in civic and social responsibility and/or community service and, in particular, in the mission and work of the Hobart’s Run neighborhood and Pottstown improvement initiative.

How is the scholarship recipient selected?
The Hobart’s Run Scholar will be selected by Hill’s Admission Office in consultation with the Head of School. Interested candidates must submit a completed application by January 31 and schedule an interview with a Hill admission officer. Learn more about the application process.

Jahiem Pratt ’26

After serving as a guest actor in several Hill theatre productions last year, Jahiem Pratt, a fourth former, was grateful for the opportunity to enroll at Hill as a student as the recipient of the Hobart’s Run Scholarship. He is not only excited to grow academically and athletically but also as a person under the guidance and love of The Hill community. Already he is thankful for the meaningful relationships he’s made with his castmates, classmates, and teachers. He’s enjoying the great discussions and expanded worldviews, and further exploration of his passions his classes provide. Outside of the classroom, Jahiem is excited to participate in the fall and winter Ellis Theatre Guild productions. In the spring, Jahiem plans to participate on the track and field team as a sprinter and hurdler, with the 110 hurdles as his main event.

I am excited to grow academically and athletically but also as a person under the guidance and love of The Hill community.

A 501(c)(3), Hobart's Run works with its residents and property owners to revitalize the neighborhood through projects that create a clean, safe, and inclusive community; provide incentives for home ownership and home improvements; and generate positive, sustainable commercial and retail development. While initially addressing an area of approximately 600 parcels in Pottstown (Queen Street in the south, North Adams on the west, Beech, Grant, and Jackson on the north, and Keim Street on the east), Hobart’s Run strives to use successes in this focus area to spark and support revitalization throughout the Borough. For more information about Hobart’s Run, please find us on Facebook and Instagram @hobartsrun.

Questions About Financial Aid? Please Contact:

Chris Bala '97 P'25 '27
Director of Financial Aid and Senior Associate Director of Admission
610-326-1000, ext. 7165