Voices of Hill

The Hill School enrolls 519 young men and women from 32 states and 27 countries. Please click on each name below to learn more about our students!

"One of the key factors in finding personal happiness is surrounding yourself with people that care for you; The Hill genuinely is a place where everyone cares for each student."

Sean '21 | New York, N.Y.

"Whether it’s a teacher, or a student, at Hill there is always somebody to look up to and help you when you need it."

Cassidy '21 | Ocean Springs, Miss.

"At Hill, I have the opportunity to get the best education imaginable and grow immensely as a student while creating and nurturing bonds that will no doubt last after I have jumped into the Dell."

Sasjha '21 | Los Angeles, California

"At Hill, we are challenged to step out of our comfort zones and encouraged to be a part of all aspects of the community."

Bella '21 | Douglassville, Pa.

"I love The Hill School's tradition of holding ourselves to a higher standard. We are a loving community filled with respect and honor."

Michael '21 | Shanghai, China