Justin '19 | Pottstown, Pa.

I have been exposed to so many opportunities here at The Hill, which have helped me change my mindset on many different things. The amazing experience I have had at Hill is one that I could not get anywhere else.

Justin '19

Boarding/Day: I live in Pottstown, so I was a day student for three years. I now am a boarding student for my sixth form year.

Activities at Hill: I am a three-season athlete. I play football in the fall, and basketball in the winter. During the spring, I run track. I serve on the Student Life Association, which helps plan weekend activities. I also am the head prefect in Upper School West Dormitory.

Favorite Hill memories or tradition: I have always enjoyed finishing the last practice of each season and looking back on all the memories I shared with my teammates in that short period of time.

Classes/teachers that have influenced you in some way: My adviser, Ms. Weissbach; Mr. Webster; Mr. Jacobs; Mr. Higginbotham; and all of my coaches. Throughout my time at Hill, much like every other student, I had moments where I was going through some tough times. These were the people that could always tell that things were right. They would take time out of their days so to support me as much as possible.


Fun Facts About Justin:

What is one thing you cannot live without? Chick-Fil-A

What is your favorite song to sing in the car? Anything by Drake, Pnb, NAV, or Uzi

What is your go-to snack at The Grille? Chocolate covered pretzels with an Pure Leaf Extra Sweet Tea