Cassidy '21

Cassidy '21

Boarding/Day: I’m a boarding student. My hometown in Mississippi is a small town on the Gulf Coast. I live about a block and a half from the beach.

Activities at Hill: I am varsity cross country runner in the fall, a varsity swimmer in the winter, and I run track in the spring. I am involved in a few student-led clubs, my favorite being G.U.T.S. (Girls Understanding Their Strengths).

What is your favorite Hill School memory or tradition: I love the close-knit Hill community and the tradition of The Family Boarding School. So far, my favorite Hill School memory would have to be my first Hill vs. L’ville Weekend. It was a crazy 48 hours - going from the spoon banging at the Red Meat Dinner on Friday to an insane pep rally and a huge bonfire! Saturday was just as fun with my first cross country race at Lawrenceville and the Blue Gray dance that night. The entire weekend was something I’ll never forget and I look forward it each year.

Classes/teachers that have influenced you in some way: I would say the teacher that has most influenced me so far at Hill would have to be Mrs. Agnew, my swim coach. She has stood by me through thick and thin and I probably wouldn’t have survived my third form year without her, though she’d beg to differ.