The Arts

Arts at The Hill

The mission of The Hill School Arts Department is to awaken the joy of creation through the visual and performing arts. Through practice, experimentation and reflection of global ideas, students are guided to an increased awareness of individual agency and the richness of cultures both past and present.

The arts are uniquely positioned to present students with a multitude of perspectives, equipping them with an informed understanding of our complex world.  

Our arts disciplines involve a full-body experience, from mind, heart and body. We share and exchange our art not only with the immediate school community but with communities beyond through exhibitions and performances.  

By engaging our students in the role arts have in self-care and self-growth, students gain a lifelong appreciation of the arts and its role in a multi-cultural society.

Arts Requirements:

New students entering in third or fourth form: 3 terms of Arts courses

Students entering in fifth form: 2 terms of Arts courses

Students entering in sixth form: 1 term of an Arts course

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