The Arts
Fall Dance Recital (Nov. 9, 2018)

Hill School history was made on Friday, Nov. 9, 2018 in the Center For The Arts. To celebrate the conclusion of their fall term dance class, nine young women dazzled the audience at The Hill’s first-ever dance recital. Dancers included: Isabella Baker '20, Lauryn Fudala '21, Gabriela Henao '22, Binbin (Annie) Li '21, Ayana Morgan '21, Grace Phillips '21, Geordie Ravara '22, Heaven Smith '19, and Jana Williams '20.

Members of The Hill's Step and Dance Team also offered a heart-pounding performance during the recital. In addition to Heaven, Ayana, and Jana, that team includes Kimberly Gadzekpo '20, Nisha Mani '19, Thu Nguyen '21, Mofe Akinyanmi '21, Reva Tharwani '20, and Kaitlyn Rosario '21. 

Mary DeLan '20 sang "I'm Not Afraid" from Songs of a New World during a solo dance performance by Lauren Fudala.