The Arts
* Shrek the Musical (Winter 2019 Musical)

The Hill School Ellis Theatre Guild presented Shrek the Musical for three sold-put performances (Friday, Feb. 22 through Sunday, Feb. 24) and transformed the CFTA into a land far, far away. Audience members were taken on a journey through swamps, forests, and magical kingdoms to rescue a princess locked away in a dragon-guarded tower. Shrek The Musical was a smashing success that had three sold out performances with audiences dancing in the aisles! 

Directed by Chris McGriff and choreographed by Laura Cobbs, this groundbreaking production featured 35 cast members, a live band, Broadway-caliber costume and puppetry designs, elaborate set piece designed by Mike McKibben and theatre tech students, and never-before-seen technical effects.


CAST: Andrew Spatarella, Kathryn McHugh, Greta Haverstick, Julia Jones, Gabrielle Painter, Isabelle Feldman, Reva Tharwani, Naomi Ude, Ellinor Lagor, Eleanor Rice, Nari Tung, Holly Perna, Max Pollak, Isabella Moranheras, Tabitha Mastrangelo, Samir Khan, Gus Kellerman, Quan Pham, Mary Delan, Gaby Henao, Elizabeth Eames, Geordie Ravara, Alex Munoz, Tiffany Lee, Anna Gvodas, Alex Zhu, Lexi Chroscinski, Shivam Sachdeva, Martin Tran, Madison Kershner, Liam Keenan, Brianna Hartman, Maddie Kollar, Riley Bauer

CREW: Maddie Perry, Harrison Wolf, Meagan Yang, Sami Hidrobo, Ben Crispin, Melody Chen, Mariia Smyk, Sabrina Messineo, Arwen Lutwyche, Jayden Nyce, Joe Magen, Johnny Luu, Tyler Calcagni, Jessica Ye, Helen Zhuang, Ben Holladay, Gray Pham