Design Thinking

Design Thinking at Hill is a five-step process that puts brainstorming in the middle and the end user at the beginning; it’s a problem-solving system like no other that focuses on a holistic understanding of every problem. The class consists of student teams working to empathize with their “clients” and access their most creative mindsets.

Hill's Design Thinking for World Change course offers students an opportunity to work on projects within our community and beyond through a human-centered approach to solving real-world problems by understanding users’ needs and developing insights that can impact individuals and communities. Through dialogue, observation, and empathy with the end users, students will learn how to ideate solutions that fit into the environment. This process is called Design Thinking. Students will research, interview and connect with end users. Students will prototype and present projects to the end user. Emphasis will be placed on creativity, collaborative thinking, class participation, and oral presentation.

Recent Projects:

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