The Arts

Instrumental & Vocal Music

The Hill School's major performing ensembles - Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, Chorus, Chamber Choir - are full-year courses, which meet during the academic day, therefore enabling students to perform consistently five times per week.

Each program is designed to allow those students with skill, desire, and commitment to become excellent instrumentalists and singers. It also provides those students with less experience and skills an environment where they can get the instruction they need in music reading and vocal technique, while experiencing a variety of literature, which will include some lighter repertoire. The courses may be taken as a graded or non-graded courses. Anyone who is interested in participating in the music program must request the desired course on his or her schedule in the summer, rather than fall, to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Instrumental concerts for the 2020-21 academic year are recorded for all to enjoy!

Fall Jazz Ensemble

Fall Orchestra

Instrumental and Vocal Courses:

  • Music Class Piano * (Levels 1-3)
  • Orchestra
    • Chamber Music (advanced levels)
    • Flute Ensemble
  • Jazz Band
    • The Jazz Titans / Small Group Ensembles (advanced levels)
    • Percussion Ensemble
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Intro to Singing
  • Chorus Chamber Choir (auditioned)
  • Hilltones (a cappella male ensemble)
  • Hilltrebles (a cappella female ensemble) Any student enrolled in a singing class is eligible to audition for a select a cappella ensemble.

Additional Music Classes

  • Music Theory & Harmony
  • Advanced Music Theory
  • Digital Music
  • Advanced Music Tech: Principles of Sound and Recording

Other Musical Opportunities


Music News!

Additional Musical Opportunities

Versatile students can be involved in multiple performing ensembles and it is not uncommon to be in both instrumental and vocal groups. Musicians are given the opportunity to receive a graded credit for their participation within an instrumental or vocal ensemble by electing to perform before a jury each list.

Talented Hill musicians have the opportunity to audition for the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association's (PMEA) chorus, orchestra, and band festival. In recent years, our students have represented The Hill in District Regionals and State levels. Pianists and members of the orchestra often participate in the jazz improv group (the Jazz Titans) or as an accompanist for vocal groups.