The Arts

Abstract Project: Recent paintings by Marilyn Fox

I love to paint, and I have been an artist all my life. The paintings seen on this virtual exhibit were born through years of making art. Although they seem to be abstract or non-objective, they are literally based on landscape and still life, what could be called traditional subjects.

Although I describe them as intuitive, there is often a theme or concept that comes to mind. I have heard and understand the phrase, “Abstract art is realism, unfiltered.” I find that painting is like dance: Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow. 

Many of the paintings in this collection are based in landscape.

A QUIET PLACE or NOVEMBER FIELDS are clearly based on landscape, abstracted. The colors, forms, and texture are simplified and then explored. Other concepts I indulge in are from memories and experiences.

MIGRATION is from my experience of an early spring day when so many birds were migrating to their seasonal homes. Here, I was interested in the migratory patterns, as well as the wind, and weather changes that help carry migratory birds along.

The joy for me is in discovery and development of these ideas.

Migration, acrylic on canvas, 52” x 48”