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The Social Justice Collaboration Quilts Project

The Social Justice Collaboration Quilts Project consists of 'Inside Quilters,' those who are incarcerated, and the 'Outside Quilters,' free persons. Through collaboration, we work together to make gorgeous, powerful, social justice-themed quilts that reflect current political issues, and our thoughts on the same. Some of the quilts are purely beautiful with no message whatsoever and some are just for fun. We have a special connection to American heroes, Harriet Tubman and writer, James Baldwin. Harriet and Jimmy were not afraid to live their real lives. In order to do that, they embraced “courageous danger” when they freed themselves and others from the chains of slavery, both literally and figuratively.Maureen Kelleher, Director and Co-Founder | Kenya, Co-Founder

RED, WHITE & Baldwin, 2016 by Kenya | 90” x 90”, cotton & paint | Copyright © 2016 by Maureen Kelleher