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Theatre & Dance

As a member of The Hill School theatre program, I have had the opportunity to do something I absolutely love every day after school. After playing multiple parts (in four shows), I have learned that there are no small roles - only ones as big as you decide to make them. We are a close-knit cast that is as intense as any athletics team, and I enjoy the camaraderie I have with my closest friends. More than anything else, Hill theatre is my family. Gus | Batesville, Ind.

Hairspray Live! The Rock Concert Experience

Introduction to Dance

Chicago (October 2019)

The Hill School theatre program offers classroom instruction coupled with co-curricular opportunities in play production to provide a well-rounded theatre experience - on stage and behind the scenes. Classes develop skills in acting, oral communications, and public speaking. Students enter the class with diverse levels of experience; therefore, grading must be highly individualized with each student being assessed on his or her individual development in the class.

Productions are open to all Hill students. Auditions are held at the beginning of each term during the same time period as athletic team try outs. All Hill students are welcome to audition; however, not all students who audition will get cast. Students who do not wish to perform on stage may sign up for technical theatre where they will work on lighting, set construction, rigging, sound design, costumes, makeup, and special effects. Rehearsals for all productions take place during the afternoon period, but may extend to weekends and later evening hours as the production progresses. This is a great opportunity for all students to express their artistic side and try something new!

Theatre Courses:

Speech 1 term course

Theatre Workshop term course

Introduction to Musical Theatre year-long, project-based course

Acting for TV and Film term course

Introduction to Dance term course

The Ellis Theatre Guild

The Ellis Theatre Guild presents three major productions each year: a musical in the fall and winter, and a play in the spring. Under the direction of Chris McGriff, The Hill's new Director of the Center For The Arts, The Hill School will presented the following shows for the 2019-20 academic year:

Chicago (November 8 - 10)

Hairspray the Musical (February 28 - March 1)

The Ellis Theatre Guild was created in 1979 by the establishment of the Ellis Dramatics Fund through the pledge of an annual donation from Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ellis. Since its inception, the Guild has produced two to three plays each year, which are performed in the main CFTA theatre or the new Burton A. Merriam Black Box Theatre.