The Arts

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Program at The Hill School is designed to offer students an array of experiences through various traditional media - drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, woodworking - as well as web design and filmmaking.

These various arts courses expose students to the fundamentals and principles of art and design. Emphasis is placed on solid composition building along with developing design thinking and interpersonal skills. The visual arts are a unique discipline as it places great emphasis on the exercise of the imagination and making actual objects with the hands. Not only are students given the opportunity to express themselves through a variety of media, but they are given life-long skills in using their creativity and increasing the depth of appreciation for art that surrounds them.
Throughout the year, visual arts students have many opportunities to learn from professional artists - from visiting artists and guest speakers to off-campus trips to local studios, museums, and galleries.

Arts Courses:

Studio Art 1, 2
Studio Art 3 Honors
Filmmaking and Visual Storytelling
Advanced Filmmaking and Visual Storytelling (not offered 2021-2022)
Advanced Fiber Arts (not offered in 2021-2022)
Fiber Arts (not offered in 2021-2022)
Introduction to Web Design
AP Drawing (college-level course)
AP 2-D Art and Design (college-level course)
AP 3-D Art and Design (college-level course)
Advanced Studio Art Seminar (college-level course)
AP Art History

Meet Our Visual Arts Instructors:

Ellen O. Nelson

Senior Master Teacher of the Arts Ellen O. Nelson P'10 '13 has taught multiple levels of studio art and art history throughout her time at The Hill. Ellen also is the Coordinator of the Boyer Gallery and has had her work displayed in numerous galleries and exhibits throughout her career.

Diane Deery

Athey Family Master Teacher of the Arts and Chair of the Arts Department Diane Deery P'21 '23 teaches woodworking and photography. An environmental artist, Ms. Deery has displayed her art in several exhibits throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. She also has participated in artist-in-residence programs in Iceland, Philadelphia, and South Africa (2022).

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