Nomination Information

To submit a nomination, please complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Nomination Categories and Eligibility Requirements

1) Athlete: Will be considered no sooner than the year of his or her 10th Hill School Reunion.

2) Coach: Must have been at Hill for no fewer than 10 years. 

3) Team: Must be at least 15 years past the season in consideration (Ex: a team from the 1999-2000 school year became eligible for consideration in 2014-2015).

4) Extraordinary Sports Achievement (ESA): A category to recognize superior athletic or sports-related accomplishment by a Hill alumnus/alumna in his or her service to sport. 

Nominations are valid for up to five (5) induction cycles from the most recent nomination; if not chosen by that point, a nominee must be re-nominated to be considered.  Nominees may be re-nominated at any time.  

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Induction Class Composition

Each induction class will include a minimum of six (6) and a maximum of eight (8) inductees.  The Selection Committee will pay special attention to the composition and balance of each class.  While there does not need to be an inductee chosen from each category, there is a maximum number of inductees that may be elected for each category in a given cycle:

Athlete: 5
Coach:  2
Team: 2
ESA: 1

No class shall have more than two (2) posthumous inductees. 

In 2019, a new category was created to honor the athletes and teams of yesteryear; deserving individuals and groups from the early years of Hill Athletics that might otherwise not be considered.  Each induction class may have up to one (1) athlete and one (1) team for this category, but there does not have to be a selection.  This group is separate of the regular induction class and therefore does not count toward the posthumous limit.  

Nomination Procedure

Any person affiliated with The Hill School may make a nomination for the Athletics Hall of Fame: this group includes alumni; past and present parents; current, past, and retired coaches; and current, former, retired, and emeriti faculty.

To make a nomination, please fill out the form below.  All nominations will be compiled and reviewed by the Selection Committee; please note that a member of the committee might contact the nominator if any clarification or additional information is needed.

Please contact Arts and Athletics Information Manager Maddie Csernica with any questions or concerns.  

Nomination Form

Induction Frequency

From 2012 through 2018, Hall of Fame induction ceremonies were held annually.  In 2019, the School moved to an every-other-year frequency.
Induction ceremonies now are held on years when Lawrenceville Weekend is at home; the voting process occurs during years in which Lawrenceville Weekend is away.
The next Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will be in November 2025. 

Selection Committee

Each induction cycle, the Selection Committee will review candidates for selection.  The Committee includes:

Shelley Baumgarten
Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement

Maddie Csernica
Arts and Athletics Information Manager

Amanda Dougherty
Current faculty member

Tom Eccleston '87 P'19 '21
Current faculty member

Seth Eilberg P'22 '23 '25
Director of Athletics

Wallace Gundy '04
President of the Hill Alumni Association

Geoff Neese '00
Current faculty member

Nate Yinger '05
Hill Athletics Historian