Strength & Conditioning

The mission of The Hill School’s strength and conditioning program is to: Reduce the inherent risk of injury to student-athletes; enhance team and individual athletic performance; and promote healthy lifestyles and total wellness to the entire Hill community.
Our strength and conditioning program is designed through research-based principles that focus on the long-term development of Hill School students. Our training philosophy emphasizes the development and implementation of safe and progressive training programs that enhance athletic performance and general wellness. The strength staff applies ground based multi-joint movements to increase and improve strength, power and range of motion and will supplement various types of training to add variety to training protocols.
All students, faculty, and staff train out of The Hill School Weight Room. The facility is located in the middle of the indoor athletics center next to Mercer Field House. The weight room includes 8 Sorinex base camp dual sided half racks, custom cable configuration with 2 lat-pull downs, 2 low rows, and 2 cable columns, 2-in-1 leg extension/leg curl machine, 2 glute ham developers, 1 Pit-Shark, full dumbbell and kettlebell sets, an assortment of medicine balls, trapbars, TRX training systems, and various cardiovascular machines.
For more information about Hill's Strength and Conditioning program, contact Assistant Director of Athletics for Sports Performance and Head Coach of Strength and Conditioning Elle O'Brien at