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The Hill football player is mentally tough and identified by his willingness to do more than is expected because of his determination to achieve excellence. Each player has the attitude and understanding that sometimes in order to succeed one must do more than his responsibility in order to prevail. The team enthusiastically and confidently looks forward to confronting the sternest challenges because it demands establishing a competitive edge.
Hill School football player #10 catching a football

The structure of the program is designed to promote team and individual growth, striving toward maximum utilization of potential. The commitment to each football player is to provide a competitive environment where achievement will be realized by all participants through self-discipline; the best from you -- the best for you.  In the experience, special attention is given to the development of a lifetime value system applicable to every personal and professional endeavor.

The final week of each season is The Hill vs. Lawrenceville rivalry game.  This historic game is the fifth-oldest high school rivalry in the country, dating back to 1887.  Hill players, coaches, and alumni are proud of the program’s history and tradition, and players take the field each day looking to add a new chapter to The Hill football legacy.

We believe the best measure of success is team victory!