The mission of our program is simple: to educate Hill School students on the classic sport of fencing. We aim to grow the team and provide every team member with the time, attention, and guidance to bring the best out in each, whether their goal is to compete on the national level or simply to find a new, fun way to focus their minds and exercise their body. Fencing not only improves endurance, agility, and reflexes, but also improves discipline, focus, and strategic thinking.

A typical practice includes stretching and one of a rotating series of warmups, followed by footwork and blade-work drills, and then intra-squad competition. Over the semester, we gradually refine and improve each athlete’s skills throughout the season. At Hill, we offer training in all three disciplines of fencing (foil, epee, and sabre).

Please contact Head Coach Stuart Connelly P'22 at sconnelly@thehill.org for more information about The Hill's Fencing program.